About me

My name is Moritz Held and I’m currently pursuing a PhD as a dual degree between the University of Groningen and the University of Oldenburg. Together with my supervisors Dr. Jelmer Borst and Prof. Dr. Jochem Rieger, I use cognitive models (mostly ACT-R models) to investigate the effects of cognitive load in different driving scenarios. In the most recent project though, we are investigating the effect of cognitive load on decision making using an fMRI compatible driving simulator.

I’m using this website not only as a collection of my publications but also to share analysis and experimental code.

  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Computational Neuropsychology
  • Adaptive Automation
  • PhD student in Artificial Intelligence/Psychology, since 2020

    Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/ Universität Oldenburg

  • MSc Neurocognitive Psychology, 2020

  • BSc Psychology, 2017