European Researchers night

I participated in the European Researchers night 2023 at the Forum in Groningen. My research was featured on Friday for the kick-off of the silent disco battle and again on Saturday for Zpannend Zernike, where we introduced our research to kids.

The silent disco battle was an interesting concept: Three speakers gave a presentation at the same time in the same room, and the audience could switch between them with their headphones. The speaker with the most listeners at the end won (which was me!).

alt text
Me presenting our research

For Zpannend Zernike, we developed a little demonstration, where young kids could try out our research in an interactive experiment. Their task was to drive in a driving simulator using a steering wheel and gas/breaks. Every thirty seconds or so they encountered a busy intersection, where they had to carefully drive through gaps between cars. We learned that kids can do this quite well but also learned that given enough time, all kids will try to go through the intersection driving 200 km/h. 😄

alt text
Kids trying out our driving simulation